Nice Jazz Orchestra Videos

Managed by Pierre BERTRAND, Jazz Music Award 2017

this complete Big Band of 20 musicians with inescapable references, occured to the Olympia, Jazz à Juan, RTL, Nice Jazz Festival… with prestigious guests (Michel LEGRAND, Richard GALLIANO…).

Azur Music Production has the pleasure to present extracts of their album Festival … quoted « revelation album » by Jazz Magazine 2011.

With this first album, the NJO expresses all the bubbling which drives it. A festival , is the place where we discover new talents, see confirmed solists, see and live music while having fun.

Thanks to the different solists and talents composing it, the NJO gives a surprising energy. Its artists want to share et offer music as we would offer a delicious meal. The choices and arrangements are dictated by passion, instinct and true love for music.